Resources & Fixing

Looking for a fixer in Kenya especially in informal settlements. We are well connected with groups in informal settlement and urban areas. We have a wide data base of the region and through that we will assist you in finding your story or location. Save time & money by letting us scout the locations ahead of your shoot. We acquire all the filming permits and any other legal permits requisite for a successful production. We also offer production services to organizations and individuals, behind the scenes of your production to achieve your desired goal. We have worked with international Media houses such us,, RTL news, Evangelische Omroap and many others.

Examples of stories produced



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3. RTL

Film Making And Photography

We produce professional documentaries and feature story that tells about life of people living in informal communities. We nurture children to be the voice of the community by training them on how to film and capture images. Members who take part in the project learn the art of Film making and Photography. They go out to make records of daily life and our activities in the Centre. These stories are narrow casted on our YouTube Channels and Broadcasted on international Media platforms By giving our Community a voice, we l strengthen the local media sector together with the people who live in the slum.