Just as most people in Kenya, Members of the Big5 Centre were gripped with fear when the first COVID-19 case was announced.

We listened keenly to recommended preventive measures for the disease that were being relayed through various media outlets.
They all put emphasis on the importance of frequent hand washing with soap and water to prevent the spread of the disease.
Due to low standards of living in informal settlements, good quality soap is expensive and hard to get. As Big5, this was a chance not to miss. We stepped in to offer support by making affordable quality liquid soap so that the community can make use of.

The enhanced accessibility and affordability of soap in the community has increased the frequent cleaning of hands with soap among many households in the area.

Big5 members train women and youths on soap making skills. Skills learned have been used to setup a soap making and distribution business. This in turn improves the financial
status of the women and youth in the Big 5 Centre to improve quality of life in the money making venture even after Covid.