Big 5 Library

Our children are the leaders of tomorrow. If they do not have access to good quality learning material, they risk being disadvantaged in the future. BIG5 Center is very well aware of this problem. We therefore setup a library with a goal of providing recommended text books by the ministry of education for all classes. Before this brilliant idea came to be, our children lacked access to the text books. These students had no way of revising or doing their homework as directed by their teachers. Most students would spend their time moving from house to house of other students looking for a text book to share. Also, these young learners were exposed to peer pressure to engage in negative habits like drugs. The library has been a big success story. Apart from text books, we have story books and magazines. All these learning materials, help to broaden the children’s mind and thus improved academic performance. We now have a conducive place to nature good behavior of our future leaders away from drugs, crime etc. The library also serves as a good place to foster good relations, creativity and teamwork. We are excited about all that can be achieved at the library. We thank our supporters and well-wishers for all that they have done to contribute positively to this young generation. We welcome even more support as the library becomes a favorite place for the learners in our community. Other activities at the library include, homework support, exam readiness, story reading and discussions, fun and games and drug abuse sensitization. We also organize for children home visits where we eat, play games and learn. We cannot forget the innocent children. We love them. Our youths(girls) are at risk of teenage pregnancies. We therefore hold TeenTalks very often to educate our girls on how to better look after themselves. The library opens as from 8:30am to 6:30pm Monday to Saturday.